Promotion of playing the clarinet through mutual information in the artistic, educational, scientific and social fields.

  • Publications, networking via Internet
  • Literature, different clarinet methods
  • Instruments, equipment

Promotion of amateur and professional clarinetists

  • Symposia
  • Workshops
  • Competitions
  • Concerts
  • Promotion of young talents

Organization of a network of as many clarinetists as possible in Switzerland. Contact and collaboration with international associations like

  • ICA (International Clarinet Association)
  • EuroCass (European Clarinet and Saxophon Society)
  • All clarinet related institutions, professional and amateur associations
  • Creating adress lists
  • Publishing these lists for members and third parties in as many ways as possible, especially via internet. All member of the Swiss Clarinet Society have the right at all times to waive relevant publications. Already published print media or internet content will not be deleted but changed accordingly with the next edition.